NATHASSIA Makes History – Luxor Temple, Egypt


Electronic Music  Global First – Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt – 11/4/2016

Never in the long and celebrated history of the Valley of the Kings has any live music been permitted to be performed. However the Nefertiti Fashion Festival   were granted a special dispensation to host a prestigious fashion festival with several of the world’s leading designers led by Mona Almansouri who is also the event organiser.

Recent Cairo Post article about Nathassia performing at the event.

The Egyptians have a good understanding of electronic music and Mona chose UK based electronic music artist Nathassia to open the event with a live performance of Egypt’s Queen, taken from her forthcoming album Light of the World

Electronic Music once again transgressed borders and mind sets, reflected a mix of East & West just like Nathassia.

Nathassia performed “Egypt’s Queen” live to a celebrity audience which included the princess of Egypt and her many fans that travelled hundreds of miles to catch this historic performance.

Quote from festival attendee White Conduit “I swore I could see the Pharaohs “shaking on down” to the loud electronic beats and vibrant vocals of Nathassia”!


MANAGEMENT: ArchangelUK Artists
LABEL: Inter-Dimensional Recordings
PRESS & RADIO: Vision Music



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