Is Everybody Searching

Top 20 UK Urban Chart

The diverse & sonically progressive ‘Is Everybody Searching’ remix package. Recruiting Westfunk & DaaHype on remix duties, the release showcases the strength in depth of the producers on the EP. DaaHype employs broken beats and dubstep flavours to devastating effect, while Westfunk provides a pulsating 4×4 groove, aimed straight at dancefloors worldwide.

Nathassia Is Everybody Searching (Single Artwork) 1440X1440

Emotive electronica fused with elegantly crafted world music whilst retaining an uplifting pop sensibility. A song that dares to delve into the heart of humanity and our evolving consciousness.

Produced by renowned electronica/downtempo artist/DJ Pete Ardron & Nathassia.

Remixes: Westfunk & DaaHype.


Industry Comments:
DJ Mag  “A rare broken beat number”

Yorkshire Times “With a sound that borrows from a whole world of music, she is impossible to define in just a few words”. “As her sound travels from continent to continent, her powerful stage presence and distinctive styling make her a truly unforgettable artist”.  

Mauritius Times  “A role model for multiculturalism”  

T.H.E. Music Essentials  “An artist unlike any other”  


RELEASE DATE: 1 May 2018 – All stores

MEDIA LINKS: (590,000 followers) (55,000 followers) (29,000 followers)

Devine Sunrise (Artwork) Cropped


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