NATHASSIA Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire - Single Artwork

London based electronic music artist NATHASSIA brings us Star Sapphire. Future House crafted beautifully with Nathassia’s unique vocal style, a mix of East and West just like her. A song about the mysteries of light and how it influences the world around us.

Nathassia chose to co-write Star Sapphire with Grammy award winning writer/producer Bruce Elliott-Smith.


Music magazine Love is Pop said about the album: Light Of The World is “one of the best albums I’ve ever heard in my life, period!” and critically acclaimed writer Christopher Nosnibor said Light Of The World“stands as a truly multidimensional piece”.

Multi-million selling Universal A&R Eddie Gordon described the album Light Of The World as “Unique song creations that show a connection to something much higher than the normal mind”.

“A role model for multiculturalism” Mauritius Times
“Impossible to Define” Yorkshire Times
“An Artist unlike any other” T.H.E Music Essentials

STREAM: Star Sapphire Mixes

11 December 2019 on ArchangelUK/Believe Digital.

Female First 
Essentially Pop
Vegan Food & Living
Yorkshire Times

SOCIAL MEDIA: (590,000 followers) (54,000 followers) (30,000 followers)

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