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Electronic Music Artist | DJ | Singer | Radio Host


Nathassia’s weekly Goddess Is A DJ radio show is broadcast to millions of listeners in more than 31 countries including the EDM Festival Channel of leading electronic music radio station DI.FM along with a plethora of renowned regional dance music stations scheduled alongside the biggest DJs in EDM.

Past shows are listed on Nathassia’s Soundcloud & Mixcloud.

GODDESS IS A DJ TV TEAMS UP WITH MAESTRO (AMF, Coachella, Pandora, deadmau5, Grammy Awards)

Goddess Is A DJ launches her cutting edge live stream show www.goddessisadj.tv in conjunction with leading tech provider Maestro (users include AMF, Coachella, Pandora, deadmau5, Grammy Awards). 

In My Head #9 Club MTV’s Big 20 | #9 Beatport Big Room Chart Kiss FM Support |

Nathassia’s previous singles with D3FAI “Change The World’ & “In My Head” had massive support from UK’s KISS FM and were playlisted on Club MTVMTV Dance International  reaching the top 10 in Club MTV’s Big 20.

NATHASSIA made music history by being the first electronic music artist to perform live inside the Luxor Temple in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, at the Nefertiti International Fashion Festival. NATHASSIA (pronounced Natasha) being half Dutch & half Indian, emanates a mesmerising quality. Her vocal style, music and live performances bring together both eastern and western cultures in spellbinding style.

Mauritius Times said about Nathassia Devine: “She is a role model for multiculturalism” and “She is a stunning combination of Dutch & South American with traditional Indian roots, emanating a rare and mesmerising quality of electronica fused with elegantly crafted world music. Described by prominent music journalists as “the new face of dance culture” and “this generations Kate Bush”, her music brings together East and West in spellbinding style. 


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1001 Tracklistshttps://www.1001tracklists.com/stories/q3vqk2/nathassia-goddess-is-a-dj/index.html
UFO Network: https://www.ufo-network.com/2020/12/15/nathassia-teams-up-with-d3fai-for-in-my-head/
IHOUSEU: https://ihouseu.com/nathassia-d3fai-join-forces-on-slick-collab-in-my-head-big-room-remix/
EDM House Network: https://edmhousenetwork.com/nathassia-and-d3fai-collide-on-the-powerful-in-my-head/
EDM Nations: https://edmnations.com/2021/01/28/nathassia-d3fai-are-chating-with-us-about-their-recent-collaboration-edm-nations-interview/
EDM Sauce: https://www.edmsauce.com/2021/02/19/exclusive-edmsauce-com-interview-with-nathassia/
1001Tracklists: https://www.1001tracklists.com/track/1dcwg31f/nathassia-d3fai-in-my-head/index.html
Mixing DJ: https://mixing.dj/nathassia-d3fai-in-my-head-big-room-remix/
EDM Joy: https://edmjoy.com/2021/01/nathassia-d3fai-in-my-head/

“One of the most creative artists of the past few years” ~ EDM House Network
“An artist like no other” ~ T.H.E. Music Essentials
“A role model for multiculturalism” ~ Mauritius Times

MANAGEMENT: bruce@archangeluk.com




WIKI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathassia

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