Nathassia Devine Show

The Nathassia Devine Show 

Be prepared to be entertained, enthralled & mesmerised in equal measure!

Nathassia Devine B&W
In addition to live music performances by Nathassia from her London studio, the show continues with the adventures of the characters NAT01 Robot & Nefertiti Now. 

Yorkshire Times “With a sound that borrows from a whole world of music, her powerful stage presence and distinctive styling make her a truly unforgettable artist”.  

Mauritius Times “A role model for multiculturalism”

T.H.E. Music Essentials “An artist unlike any other”



Nathassia Live

London based electronic music artist NATHASSIA and her band commence their inuagral UK tour titled Feel The Future Now, commencing May 2017, encompassing ground breaking electronic music with a unique vocal style, a mix of East and West just like her.

“A show like no other” The Louisiana
“Incredible costumes, LEDs and music” Beltane Festival
“A role model for Multiculturalism” Mauritius Times


Audaciously crafted live electronica & truly mesmerising visuals by NATHASSIA.

The show takes you on a spellbinding journey, bringing the past back to life then transporting you into the future. From 3D to singularity, Paganism to Transhumanism, Egypt to Nanotech & Third Eye to A.I.

Recent support from the likes of BBC 6, KISS FM, MIXMAG & IHOUSEU.

“Nathassia is this generations Kate Bush, bewildering and far beyond the ordinary” Eddie Gordon, CEO Kings of Spins, Ex A&R Atlantic / Polydor.

Recent performances include the Nefertiti Festival, Egypt & headlining for ElectronicLuve at The Steelyard, London


In just a few months Nathassia has reached out from the UK and built up an army of fanatical fans from diverse countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Morocco & Greece. Her social media already has the sort of activity and support that some of the biggest names in music receive and based on her live performances and forthcoming debut album “Light of the World” it is easy to see why.